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1 Point liner

Suitable for fine hair strokes and detailed lines, such as lip
corners and inside corners of the eyeliners.

Needle diameter: 0,4mm

3 point liner

Suitable for drawing lines in eyebrows, fine lip lines, and eyeliner
with lash-broadening effect.

Needle diameter: 0,3mm

5 point round

Suitable for soft eyebrows, wide eyeliners and lip liners.

Needle diameter: 0,3mm

5 point magnum

Flat form comprising 5 needles in 2 rows. Suitable for smoky
eyeliners, wide and high eyeliners, and the coloring in of lips
using the circling technique.

Needle diameter: 0,3mm

7 point round

Has an open, round needle form and is suitable for very wide
upper eyeliners and the partial
coloring in of the lips.

Needle diameter: 0,3mm