Eyebrows Permanent Makeup

Do you wish for beautiful, natural looking and perfectly shaped eyebrows?


Dora Kyprioti and her team can offer you what you desire!

Indisputably, eyebrows are the most definite facial characteristic. They actually shape and add symmetry to your face, highlighting your eyes and your expression.

If your eyebrows are fair lighted, vague or not existent or just don’t have the shape you want them to, permanent makeup is ideal for you. With the permanent makeup application you will not need to shape them every morning or worry about erased or smudged eyebrows during the day or after sports.
The specialist uses modern measurement techniques to design accurately your eyebrows with a pencil, taking into consideration their shape, the architecture of your face and your personal style. Next, you choose the color that suits you from a vast variety of colors, and then the application begins. All of the above always taking into account your desire.

It is high time you get rid of eyebrow pencils and get yourselves the eyebrows you have always dreamed of. And know that the result is going to last … for long!

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup is ideal for:

  • filling in the gaps in between your eyebrows or even when there is no eyebrow
  • giving the ideal shape for eyebrows that have been wrongly waxed
  • people with hair loss or alopecia
  • people recovering from chemotherapy
  • covering a mark or a scar on your eyebrows
  • correcting asymmetries
  • highlighting your beautiful, natural eyebrows
  • having a more modern shape

Hairstroke Technique

This technique produces the most natural result. It is one of the most popular eyebrow services, where we create hair very similar to real hair, so as to blend with our natural hair and have a very realistic result.

Powder TEyebrows

This technique is used to create a powder effect.

Combi Eyebrows

It combines the Hairstroke Technique and the Powder Technique for a more realistic result.