Choose Dora Kyprioti as your certified trainer and “EVA BEAUTY”Studies (approved by the Ministry of Education as a Lifelong Learning Beauty School) because:

  • You will be receiving specialized training by Dora Kyprioti , International educator at World Conferences (Amsterdam, China), the official educator of Nouveau Contour in Greece and the owner of the Beauty School “EVABEAUTY”Studies . With love and respect to the trainees Dora Kyprioti shares secrets and tips acquired  and treats the trainees as her colleagues.
  • You will be given a training manual, where all the units referring to Permanent Makeup are included. You will be trained at the most update measurement methods, so as to achieve the absolute symmetry and accuracy. Additionally, the practice on paper and latex will adequately prepare you before the application on a live model.
  • EVA BEAUTY Studies is a beauty school approved by the Ministry of Education as a Lifelong Learning Institution 1 (License No: EEOPPEP 5302, FEK 2724/09-10-2012), complying with all the governmental requirements referring to its function, buildings’ infrastructure, educational modules and teaching personnel.
  • After the completion of the program, EVA BEAUTY Studies awards you with a valid degree on Permanent Makeup. In more detail, you will be awarded with:
    a) Eva Beauty Studies Certificate, which means that you have obtained a valid degree on Permanent Makeup studies.
    b) Nouveau Contour Certificate, which is a well-recognized International Master Academy.
  • It must be noted that courses take place in specially equipped labs. These labs cover the demands of the permanent makeup techniques and comply with the safety and hygiene rules.
  • During your studies in EvaBeauty you will be working/trained with the use of Nouveau Contour’s high quality devices, pigments and products  with no additional fees.
  • EVA BEAUTY Studies supports and guides its graduates even after their program completion, via an on line application. We ensure you that you will always can get back to us at any time, for guidance and support.