Lips Permanent Makeup

Do you wish for full, juicy, young lips?


Dora Kyprioti and her team can offer you the lips you desire!

Lip Permanent Makeup can redefine the shape and improve the symmetry of your lips, increase their volume without adding any lip fillers and highlight their color. Thus, your lips will be fuller, young and sensual.

You will not have to worry about your lipstick ‘running out’ of the shape, nor if you have lipstick on your teeth. Moreover, you will not need to check your lipstick during a meal.

The specialist will initially design precisely your lips, taking into consideration the characteristics of your face, while she will choose a color that suits you from a vast variety of colors, always according to your natural colors and desires.

Now you can look irresistible with your attractive lips that are full of sensuality every day, all day long!

Lip Permanent Makeup is ideal for:

  • adding symmetry
  • creating a more intense and noticeable shape
  • people with thin and small lips
  • people with colorless lips
  • highlighting or changing your lip color
  • having a more youthful and healthy looks

Full Lips

We highlight the shape of your lips and add color, filling the lips.

High Volume Lips – 3D Technique by Dora Kyprioti that she has been presented in World Conferences.

Lips with a 3D effect, for those who desire a juicier, intense and sensual result.

No Limit Lips

Lips without a visual contouring, for more modern looks.

Transparent Lips

It is a technique with a transparent result for more natural looks.