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This is the smart choice when it comes to Aesthetic & Paramedical Permanent Makeup applications.

  • Minimal design
  • Stainless cover – touch screen with hygiene standards
  • Tested technology
  • 4 default function
  • Manually set frequency
  • 70 – 150 needle hits per second
  • Exceptionally precise application
  • Skin resistant sensor
  • Dimensions: 253mm – 133mm – 168mm
  • Weight: 1,5kg
  • Usage of 18 different needle combinations
  • ISO 9001


Its rounded edges, flat screen and no seams are not for aesthetic reasons but mainly for hygienic reasons, eliminating opportunities for dirt to get trapped. The panel has sensi-touch buttons that respond to the touch of a finger, which completely protects them against wear and tear.

Digital drive with constant needle frequency
Sensi-Touch operation
Safety hand piece with “Easy-Turn-Depth” system
Safety needles
Nano needles – 0,2 mm and 0,25 mm
20 different needle formations

Ergonomic design that offers comfort, precision and safety.

The unique characteristics that make it easy to use.

  • The Nouveau Contour IQ and Digital 1000 both come standard with the Digital Safety hand piece. Worldwide this is the first permanent make-up “rotary/pen” machine that guarantees no chance of cross contamination

    Designed to change pigmentation depth
    Made of cast aluminum
    Extreme light
    Safety Needle Cartridge
    A safety system unlike anything on the market.