Tattoo Removal

Do you want to get rid of the wrong application of Permanent Makeup or Body Tattoo?

Dora Kypriotis can offer you what you want!
With the increase in demand for permanent makeup services unfortunately, wrong applications have also increased.
This can cause anxiety and depression and most likely deprive you of social life. All this makes the permanent makeup removal not a choice but imperative!

The technique applied by Dora Kyprioti is safe and manages to reduce the intensity and appearance of the wrong application !!

Benefits of PMU Professional Remover:

organic product
high quality natural ingredients
The pH of the PMU Professional Remover is 5.8, very close to the pH of the skin
without acids
its composition contains no acid
does not create a crust
works safely in sensitive areas
removes all colors even camouflage colors
very skin-friendly, does not cause scarring
fast and painless technique, no need for anesthesia
high efficiency and maximum safety
the interval between applications is 4 weeks
visible results from the first application
does not cause hair loss
the area is rapidly healing
new Permanent Makeup application can be done after 1 month
audited and approved by the European Union

Tattoo Removal for Eyebrows

Removes or weakens previous unwanted eyebrow permanent makeup application.

Tatto Removal for Lips

Removes or weakens previous unwanted lips permanent makeup application.

Tatto Removal for Eyeliner

Removes or weakens previous unwanted eyeliner permanent makeup application.