Eyeliner Permanent Make up

Do you wish for an intense and captivating look?


Dora Kyprioti and her team can add intensity at your look!

Eyes are considered to be the jewel of our face. With eyeliner permanent makeup you may correct cathodic or small eyes, highlight and add intensity to your look. Moreover, you will not worry again about smudged eyes during swimming, or after eyes’ rubbing.

After this application you will have an intense, captivating and charming look, every day, all day long!

Eye Permanent Makeup is ideal for those:

  • that find it difficult to apply eyeliner
  •  that are allergic to everyday cosmetics
  • who have small or no eyelashes
  • who wish to correct the shape of their eyes
  • who do not want to worry about spoiled eyeliner lines during the day
  • who wish to enhance/highlight their beautiful eyes by adding depth and charm on their look
  • who wish for more youthful and modern looks

Eyeliner Enhancement

This is a technique that is applied in between the eyelashes, so as to appear more intense at their base and more thickened, highlighting discretely the look.


There is a variety of eyeliner types, such as standard thin, advanced, degradated. You can choose the one that suits you and you desire.

Ombre Eyeshadow

This is a technique ideal for women that want something different and modern.

Coloured Eyeliner

A modern eyeliner technique, combined with color.