Definition and History of Permanent Makeup
Products, Analysis and Usage
Hygiene and Safety Rules
Basic Principles of Anatomy, Physiology, Dermatology
Indications – Contraindications
Consent Forms
Informing and Preparing the client prior to application
Coloring – Mix of Colors
Fitzpatrick Scale – Skin undertone
Choice of pigment
Face Analysis
Microblade Pens’ Types
Microblade Types
Right Choice of Microblade
Eyebrow shapes – Eyebrow analysis
Eyebrow Measurement Techniques
Correcting Shape of Eyebrows
Hairstroke Technique
Eyebrows’ Types
Treatment Procedure step by step
Practice on latex and live models
Tips for a perfect result
After Care
Healing Procedure
Causes of discoloration and how to avoid it
Client’s psychology
Professional ethics, behavior, status
Organization of work premises