Paramedical Permanent Makeup

The Paramedical Permanent Makeup (Medical Micropigmentation / Medical Tattooing) is a procedure that is used for flaws’ coverage due to medical conditions (i.e. alopecia), surgical procedures (i.e. mastectomy), and genetic abnormalities (i.e. harelip), accidents (scars), etc.

Paramedical Permanent Makeup can help you:

  • shape and/or design eyebrows and eyelashes in cases of alopecia and chemotherapy.
  • cover up scars or marks (either genetically owned or caused by accidents or surgical procedures).
  • design the areola, recolor or reshape the whole look of nipples and areola for aesthetic reasons (for example in case of discoloring or asymmetry) and / or cases of surgical breast replacement after a mastectomy.
  • highlight the color or increase the size of the nipple.
  • to create the illusion of thickened hair, by making small dots on the scalp or real-like hair among the already existing ones, by imitating the natural hair. This service is applied in cases of relevant receding hairline or in combination with hair implant in problematic areas of the head.
  • redefining the shape of the lips, in cases of simple corrugation or even harelip.



Redesign and recoloring of the areola either for aesthetic reasons (e.g. in case of discoloration or asymmetry), or in cases of surgical breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

Scar Corrections

Improves the appearance of scars and marks from accidents or after surgery.


We create the illusion of hair density by drawing on the scalp small dots or realistic hairs between existing hairs, imitating natural hair. This service is applied in cases of relative thinning of the scalp or in combination with medical hair transplantation.

Cleft Lips

We redefine the shape of the lips either in cases of simple furrowing or a mild impression of cleft lip, or in cases of cleft lip after surgical restoration.