Lash Lift

Natural eyelashes with intense curvature and intense color?


Dora Kypriotis and her team can give you the lashes you want.

With Lash Lift, you can get impressive eyelashes with intense curvature and intense color.

The result is completely natural and lasts 6-8 weeks, as the Lash Lift process is durable for everyday shower, sports, sea.

Forget the eyelash scissors and mascara and magnetize with your eyes all day, every day !!

Lash Lift is an ideal technique if:

  • you have dull or small lashes
  • you have straight lashes
  • you have light eyelashes
  • you have an allergy to cosmetics for your daily dyeing
  • you want to emphasize your look, giving depth and expressiveness
  • you want a bright and modern look