Eyelash Extensions

Do you wish for thick, long and intense eyelashes?


Dora Kyprioti and her team can offer you the eyelashes you desire!

With the eyelashes extensions you can have longer, thicker and curlier lashes, just like you want them. Additionally, your eyes’ shape will be naturally highlighted and looks bigger.

The specialist will suggest to you a level of thickness, longitude and latitude for your eyelashes that suit your style and desires. The application is performed on your own eyelashes, treated one by one and the result seems completely natural and long lasting, since the extensions are resistant to everyday shower, sports and the sea.

It is the time to forget about eyelashes’ scissors and the use of mascara, magnetized with your eyes every day, all day long!

Eyelashes Extensions are an ideal technique if you:

  • have toneless or small eyelashes.
  • have a few eyelashes.
  • have fair eyelashes.
  • have allergies on everyday cosmetic products.
  • want to highlight your look by adding depth and charm.
  • wish to have an intense and modern look.

One by One Technique

A unique technique for a very natural result

Russian Volume

3D technique for a super impressive result that gives more intensity to the look