What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is an aesthetic semi-invasive method, which is suitable for those that want:
– to highlight or correct those facial characteristics that do not have the glow you wishe (eyebrows, lips, eyes).
– to cover up any flaws on your face and/or body that have been caused from medical incidents (i.e. alopecia), surgical procedures (i.e. mastectomy), genetic abnormalities (i.e. harelip), accidents (i.e. scars).


How is permanent makeup applied?

It is done with the use of a needle that penetrates the upper layer of the skin and infuses a specific pigments into it, especially made for permanent makeup.

For who is permanent makeup suitable for?

Permanent makeup is suitable for:
– Those that need to reshape their characteristics.
– Those who wear glasses or have vision problems or have hypersensitivities due to contact lenses.
– Those who face kinetic issues and have a difficulty grooming themselves.
– Those who are allergic to cosmetics.
– Those that have been through plastic surgery and the shapes of their lips and eyebrows have been altered.
– Those who are athletes and need sweat resistant results.

– Those who are actors/actresses, models, singers, famous personas, etc., who need to feel confident in all their public appearances.
– Those who do not want to worry of their makeup getting smudged during their day.
– Those who wish to sleep and wake up beautiful.

Is it painful?

Even if Permanent Makeup is a type of surface tattoo, the new generation digital devices we use in our Centre, plus the new application techniques we perform reduce the possibility of any uneasiness and the treatments are milder and less invasive.

Is it a safe procedure?

Permanent Makeup is a totally safe procedure, as long as sterilization and hygiene rules are followed. Our Centre complies with all the rules and regulations set by the law for tattooing premises and have been granted a permit from the Hygiene Department.

The needles we use are made in Germany, are for a single use only safely packed in sterilized packaging, in a special case called Class C (according to the European standards), and are opened in front of the client.

The pigments we use are NOUVEAU CONTOUR signature products, a head company in the cosmetics field, known for the credibility of its devices and the high quality of its pigments. These pigments are solely made and used for Permanent Makeup, are of German origin, hypoallergic and comply with the highest quality and safety standards.

The pigments constructor of Nouveau Contour is certified by the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and 13485.
All the colors are separately filed and can be checked at any time.
All the ingredients exceed the standards of the European cosmetic guidelines.

Do I have to shave my own eyebrows?

Definitely no! If you have natural hair on your eyebrows we will apply the technique among your own hair and thus, the result will be beautiful and natural.

Does permanent makeup affect the natural growth of my own eyebrows?

No, the natural eyebrows’ growth is not affected since the permanent makeup is applied on the upper layer of the skin and does not invade in a deeper layer, where the hair follicle is.

How long does the service last?

The duration of the service differs depending on the area it is applied and the technique we use. Even if some servicew last for an hour, it is advisable for you to estimate that your appointment will last 2 to 2,5 hours in total.

The procedure occurs as follows:
– The client explains exactly what she wants to do and the specialist analyses the procedure and her options/alternatives.
– Following, the shape will be made by the use of a pencil, being absolutely precise and considering of course the client’s facial characteristics, her desires and her style.
– Next, the color will be chosen, based on the client’s natural colors.
– Finally, when the client approves the above, the application will begin.

When a second session is required?

A second session is almost always required. Even if the result is the desired one after the first session, the second session will offer an even longer lasting result. Additionally, we will have the ability to make small corrections in terms of shape and color, if needed.

Can I use makeup products after the application?

You will have to wait until the area that permanent makeup was applied is completely healed, in order to use makeup products.

How long will the result last?

The duration of the result depends on the age, the expose to the sun, the type of your skin, the quality f the pigment, if the pigment is dark or light, the technique used and the care you will attend to after the treatment. These are some factors that that affects the period the pigmente will remain at your skin..

Why should I choose Dora Kyprioti for Permanent Makeup?

– Dora Kyprioti with her 15 year old experience in the field of Permanent Makeup and her team will offer you a long lasting natural result, perfectly adjusted to your needs and preferences.

– The “DK” premises fulfill the prerequisites for a legally operating Permanent Makeup Centre, with an operating permit from the Hygiene Department, and all hygiene and safety rules are applied.

– We use devices that is digitalized and technologically advanced. We use The Nouveau Contour’s pigments and expendables, which are well known and approved by the EU (are made in Germany), the needles we use are for a single use only, safely packed in sterilized packaging and stored in a special case called Class C (according to the European standards) and are opened in front of you.

– Dora Kyprioti and her team are experienced and very well trained to offer you a guaranteed long lasting result. As a proof, you may see the numerous photos of cosmetic and paramedical permanent makeup applications we have of Before & After.

Is Permanent Makeup the same as a tattoo?

No, it is not the same. The only thing they have in common is the fact that pigments are applied on the skin. The equipment, the pigments, the application technique and the depth that the needles penetrate on the skin are way different. And this is the reason why you should never agree to have a permanent makeup treatment with the device and pigments used for tattoos.

Can I be trained as a Specialist on Cosmetic or Paramedical Permanent Makeup?

Yes, as long as you receive your training from the best.
Dora Kyprioti  established the first Permanent Makeup Centre for training in Greece and has been known for her 15 year experience, in providing both services and education in the field of permanent makeup. Additionally, has invented her own techniques and presented them in convections all around the world.

Your attendance at the Lifelong Learning Center EvaBeauty Studies will ensure you a high quality training, in theory and practice, a recognized certificate (the centre is licenced from the Education Ministry) in special formed premises. You will also be able to attend post graduate programs, so that you constantly evolve as professional Permanent Makeup Artists.