Benefits of Permanent Makeup

Beauty that lasts!!

​Permanent Makeup is the solution if you wish to improve/show your natural characteristics, to correct asymmetries or to add depth and color to your facial characteristics.

​  So, if:

  • Your characteristics needs improvement
  • You want to change or improve your look
  • You are allergic to cosmetics
  • You have face vision difficulties or hypersensitivity because of the use of contact lenses
  • You are an athlete or your profession is physically demanding and it is not easy for you to use makeup
  • You want to stop putting makeup on and off everyday
  • You have experienced a face plastic surgery and your characteristics need to be redefined
  • You wish to have more modern looks

Permanent Makeup is the right solution for you, for long lasting results.

Because, as Dora Kyprioti professes:

“Every woman can have the beauty she desires”


I choose a service at “DK”s, because:

  • Dora Kyprioti, with her 20 year old experience in the field of Permanent Makeup as an Educator and  with her team, will offer you a long lasting natural result, perfectly adjusted to your needs and preferences.
  • The “DK” premises fulfill the prerequisites for a legally operating Permanent Makeup Centre, with an operating permit from the Hygiene Department, and all hygiene rules applied.
  • All the expendables are for a single use only.
  • The needles that are made in Germany are safely packed in sterilized packaging, in a special case called Class C (according to the European standards).
  • Nouveau Contour’s pigments are made in Germany, exceed the safety and quality standards and follow to the maximum the European safety guidelines. The pigment constructor of Nouveau Contour is certified by the standard DIN EN ISO 9001 and 13485, and all the pigments have a file that can be checked at any time.
  • Our equipment is digitalized and technologically advanced. Thus, the possibility of any discomfort is minimized and a long lasting consistent result is ensured.